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Cybersecurity in Government, Defense, & Intelligence is critical in these highly sensitive and hyper-shifting world. 

How can you benefit from Cylentium?

We have been a provider of cyber security solutions to different branches of government for many years mostly in North America. We have experience with a multitude of different government or public facilities that require a high level of cyber security protection. Cylentium technology was originally developed for military purposes to cloak naval vessel communication from detection. We have since broadened our scope and realized the full potential of our technology. The reason we are especially fitted to government facilities is that we can literally cloak or “bubble” any network or device. No matter of the physical distance between the protected “bubbles” we can keep the end-to-end encrypted communications secure and invisible. Whether you are a nuclear power plant with few users and thousands of access points or a military base with large personnel and complicated IoT devices or a single drone, we can facilitate you. Our technology provides a lot of control to the master user(s) and provides you with a cyber security solution that you can be the architect for.

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How It Works &
The Technology

CYLENTIUM’s strategic mission and function are to protect the wireless and ethernet networks from visibility, detection and penetration.


Cylentium does this by enveloping the environments with cybersecurity “Bubbles”.

Cylentium hardens the environments in a “Non-Detectable”, “Non-Penetrable”, encrypted environment, protecting network traffic using FIPS 140-2 military approved algorithms and deeply sophisticated authentica-tion, in a software-only solution. Cylentium validates client conditions and states before allowing access and usage and monitors behaviour and patterns to ensure absolute cybersecurity compliance.


Cylentium can be embedded in organizations or manufactures existing equipment, routers, switches, bridges, and devices.

Or, it can be deployed as a Cylentium certified standalone device. The Cylentium access devices can be dynamically deployed to ex-pand Bubble coverage to any imaginable size – from a cell phone to a city and beyond.


Cylentium Research is developing new AI and Machine Learning-based pattern detection that will also allow detection and pre-vention of data intrusion, data leakage, and malicious packet flow.

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