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“If you can’t be seen – you can’t be found”

“If you can’t be found – you can’t be attacked”

“If you can’t be attacked – you can’t be hacked”

Protect Your Family & Your Home

What is Cylentium?

Cylentium is a secure Personal Private Network (PPN). It creates a secure and impenetrable shield around your WiFi (similar to a firewall, which protects a device, Cylentium protects your personal WiFi and all the devices connected to it (ie. smartphones, computers, smartTVs, smartwatches, home assistants (Alexa, Google Home), smart lights (Hue lights etc.), home security systems etc.)

How can cylentium protect you?

Cylentium PPN secures all the web traffic from your WiFi and due to that all the devices connected to said WiFi to the server. PPN also includes VNP, but it is broader as PPN protects the internet access of your home/office, not just a single device you have VNP installed on.

Why Cylentium PPN is better than VPN?

Broader protection. Less likely for “human error” to cause security problems, as your IoT devices that have security issues (such as factory settings and passwords, weak passwords or in worst case no passwords that can compromise your entire network (such as smartlights). Let’s you control the access and permits of the devices on your WiFi.VPN secures the web traffic from your DEVICE to the server, your WiFi and all other devices connected to your WiFi are still vulnerable to monitoring and location tracking.

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