Cylentium Net Quarantine, or CylentiumNQ, is a cybersecurity detection & quarantine system designed for detecting the intrusion of new devices into your home environment.


CylentiumNQ AI outside and inside threat actors, and interrupts in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, including anomalous insider threats, ransomware, email phishing, and many other  forms of threats.


If someone brings an unknown Cell Phone, Laptop, or device into your home and your Cylentium Bubble, CylentiumNQ immediately detects the intruder, and quarantines them from access to your home. 


It forensically scans that device and event for security safety and compliance. Then it sends you a security alert notification to you smart phone for your alert, review, approval, or denial.


CylentiumNQ was Originally developed and used by the United States Army & Marines for field operations in the Iraq War, to protect from foreign threat actors, devices, or electronic components from entering the camp.


Your home is your camp.


CylentiumNQ ensures nobody enters your home without you permission.